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Internal Auditor Program

Who should study this course?

  • All personnel conducting Internal Audits for Management Systems
  • All personnel involved in gaining ISO Standards

Course contents:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Learning Objectives & Leaning Outcomes
  • Introduction to key Concepts
  • Background to Auditing
  • Differences between External and Internal Auditing
  • Requirements of an Internal Audit Program
  • Internal Audit Preparation and Checklists
  • Internal Audit Reports
  • Internal Audit Reporting
  • Follow-Up and Corrective Action
  • Auditor Guidelines

Benefits for the learner:

  • Learners can complete the Course at their own pace
  • Clear Learning Objectives & Learning Outcomes are set for the Learner
  • Learners become aware of the history of Auditing
  • Learners understand the Auditing process
  • Learners use Internal Auditing Report Templates
  • Learners gain an overview of four management standards
  • Learners have access to a comprehensive range of IMS Auditor Guidelines

Benefits for the business:

  • ISO requires certified companies to conduct Internal Audits by qualified personnel
  • The organization will have a Licensed Internal Auditor to conduct Internal Audits
  • The organization will be better able to gain Certification and retain its Registration

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