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Quality, Health Safety and Environment Managers Program

Who should study this course?

  • All personnel who maintain and update the ISO Manual
  • All personnel who wish to participate in the process of ISO implementation.
  • All personnel involved in gaining ISO Standards

Course contents:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Learning Objectives & Leaning Outcomes
  • Introduction to key Concepts
  • Background to ISO Quality Standard
  • Principals of Quality, Health Safety and Environment Management
  • Definition and explanation of ISO 9001/OHSAS 18001/ ISO 14001 terminology
  • Applying the principals to the methodology
  • Workshop on "Practical – Policy, Process, Procedure and Documents"
  • Understanding the Mandatory Elements of ISO
  • Purpose and Benefits of Internal/External Audits
  • Q & A session

Benefits for the learner

  • Learners can complete the Course at their own pace
  • Clear Learning Objectives & Learning Outcomes are set for the Learner
  • Learners become aware of the history of ISO
  • Learners understand the ISO process
  • Learners are able to start implementing the concepts of continual improvement,
  • Learners are able to map processes, write procedures and help originate documents that are compliant with ISO

Benefits for the business:

  • Having a Quality, Health Safety and Environment Manger who not only understands the process of ISO, but is able to, mapprocesses, make procedures, create relevant documents and keep control of documents.
  • Real bottom line benefits in profit, customer satisfaction, efficiency of processing, and training new staff.
  • Having independent, in house staff capable of maintaining a full ISO compliant Quality, Health Safety and Environment management system.

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